Squish tip of the week: The power of Symbolic Names

The use of Symbolic Names in scripts is key when creating a maintainable Automated Test Framework.

Imagine the following scenario:
  1. You create a set of 10 tests, or 10,000 tests
  2. A common set of controls (buttons, text fields, etc.) are used through out many of the tests
  3. New release! One (or more) of those commonly used controls changed between releases


Squish tip of the week: Pass arguments between Test Cases

Separate from calling functions, where parameters and return values exist, top-level Test Cases may also need status or other valuable information to execute properly.

Using Squish you can:

Checkout our detailed examples in the Knowledgebase article Example – Passing arguments to test scripts

Squish tip of the week: Working with the Squish Example Test Suites

Did you know every Squish package comes complete with a collection of example Test Suites?

Find Test Suites written in each of the Squish-supported scripting languages (JavaScript, Python, Perl, Tcl and Ruby) along with one or more sample applications to help you get started on your evaluation.

See the three minute video below to learn more:


Behavior Driven GUI Testing

The main feature we are working on for the upcoming Squish release is full-fledged BDD support built directly into Squish.

This includes everything from fully understanding Gherkin, the scripting framework to run BDD tests with step implementations in any of our supported script languages, full IDE support (skeleton generation, code completion, integrated debugging, integrated reporting, …) and advanced reports.

If you are interested to learn more about BDD in general, you can have a look at the slides of a talk I gave about this topic last week: http://www.slideshare.net/ReginaldStadlbauer/behavior-driven-gui-testing.

Meet with froglogic at Embedded World 2015


froglogic will again be present at the Embedded World Conference in Nuremberg from February 24th – February 26th, 2015.

You will find froglogic at Halle 4 / Booth 4-301 and in the partner section at The Qt Company’s booth (Halle 4 / Booth 4-308) showing live demos of testing embedded HMIs with the Squish GUI Tester.

In addition, Reginald Stadlbauer from froglogic will give a talk at the Embedded World Congress with the title Automated testing of Qt and QML applications / Applying Behavior Driven Development and Testing.

If you would like to schedule a meeting at the Embedded World with a representative of froglogic, please contact us.

To meet us at Embedded World you can register for a free day ticket with the code B300759. For more information, see www.embedded-world.de/en.

Squish tip of the week: Picking additional properties for that ‘Hard to Find’ object

When dealing with a non-standard, dynamic or hard to find object, additional or alternate object properties may be required to properly identify the object.

Topics discussed:

  • Using the Pick tool
  • Adding new object properties to an Object Map entry
  • Validating the updated Object Map entry