Squish tip of the week: What to automate next? How to best expand your automated test suite

Once you’ve established an initial test framework – perhaps you even followed the Squish Tip of the Week: Where to start? – how do you determine where to continue expanding the automated test suite?

New features! Features not even in Development (yet).

  1. As a team, write the new feature in Gherkin. That becomes your initial test.
  2. Automate the feature (yes, even before it’s implemented – see diagram’s Writing a failing test step)
  3. Development implements the feature from the same Gherkin feature file
  4. You make the automated test pass
  5. Repeat
Behavior Driven Development and Testing

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If you haven’t already, request an evaluation of Squish 6.0beta, and begin automating features sooner with the introduction of BDD automation.


Squish tip of the week: Using variable values in the Squish Script Console

Segmenting from a past blog post, Scripting with the help of the Squish Script Console, an enhancement to the Squish Script Console in 6.0 makes current variables and their values available from the console.

Now manually scripting or troubleshooting your scripts are that much easier!

The example below illustrates using the record variable value in a statement within the Squish Script Console to validate expected output and syntax.

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Squish 6.0 Beta with fully integrated BDD support released

About two years after the release of Squish 5.0, we are proud and excited to make available a BETA of Squish 6.0 to you.

The main new features of this release are fully integrated support for Behavior Driven Development and Testing (BDD) as well as major improvements to Squish’s reporting capabilities.

You can read the full announcement at http://www.froglogic.com/news-events/index.php?id=squish-6.0.0-beta-released.html.

A quick video introduction to Squish 6.0 and BDD can be found at http://youtube.com/embed/62Vrnb21hio?vq=hd1080&autoplay=1&rel=0&showinfo=0&autohide=1.

We will also host a live webinar showcasing what’s new in Squish 6.0 shortly. You find details about this in the above announcement.

We are looking forward to your feedback which we happily accept at squish@froglogic.com.

Squish tip of the week: Bring window to foreground

When working with multiple applications, or multiple windows in a single application, you can tell Squish to bring the desired window to the foreground before working with the window.

This applies to many different technologies or toolkits.

For example, when working with NSWindow on Mac OS X (Cocoa), given the name or title of the window, you can do the following:

def main():

    objName = "{title='MyApp Window #1' type='NSWindow'}"
    waitFor("object.exists(\"%s\")" % objName, 20000)
    nsw = findObject(objName)

Read more about this Mac OS X Cocoa example, or other examples in the following Knowledgebase articles:

Remember; we’re always adding to our knowledgebase and other online resources to provide you with the most current and helpful information!