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Translucent scrollbars

Postponing support for SMIL attribute ‘fill=”scroll”‘ for a long time, I now really needed this feature for extending the Atom feed support in KMPlayer. KMPlayer comes with a flash player backend and supporting the Youtube feeds was just a too low hanging fruit to not implement. Anyhow, to ensure that the first flash link doesn’t […]

Maemo summit 2008

So I went to the Berlin summit this year. I might not have come if it wasn’t for for bunanson bringing my little project at a more popular level. It was really nice to meet him in person (left on the picture, as a big thanks I bought him a german weizen beer). He also […]

Experiences with the N810

The N810 is the third internet tablet that I own, starting with the first N770 that I got via the discount program. Exciting to see that more KDE developers now starting to develop and blog about their experiences with this device. A somewhat dejavu feeling reading these blocks came about running desktop application KXyz and […]

Ideas for KHTML

Now that KDE 4.1 there is some time to think about new features again. As almost every piece of KDE the KHTML library had been heavily affected by the changes in the underlying infrastructure. The switch to Qt 4, replacement of DCOP with D-Bus, new networking code and others required adaptions (and consequently bug fixing) that did not leave much room to even think about adding new features.

Musing on a Summer Afternoon

The end of the day at the office is nearing. Sitting at my desk, going through the list of people who have requested a trial version of Squish today. Of course several from the usual suspects, i.e. large international cooperations. But what never ceases to amaze me is the sheer endless number of yet unknown […]

More than one summer this year

With the application deadline for this year’s Google Summer of Code being over now (and the list of accepted projects to be published soon) I’d like to point those looking to make a bit of money working on Open Source software to another initiative. Matt’s Bargain Basement Summer Of Code is privately funded which I […]

Committing into multiple KDE branches

A while ago, KDE branched the 4.0.x releases into their own subversion branch directory. This reminded me that I’ve been using a little script for a while which comes in quite handy when you want to commit a patch to multiple branches. The script is called ‘ilc’ (which originally stood for ‘integrate last change’ but […]

Hamburg’s KDE4 Release Party

Last friday a few fellow KDE-attached colleagues and me made our way to the KDE4 release party which was held at the mighty fine offices of Since there wasn’t much time left for Sven to organize the whole thing,  I was (more than) sceptical that there would be an actual party (with lots of […]

“Sold Out” Hanseatic KDE Party

When the car* manned with our delegation of KDE developers paved its way through the dark and rainy streets of Hamburg I was expecting at most 10 guests (including us) to show up at the local branch of the worldwide KDE 4 release party. The place was crowded! The live stream from the California event […]

KDE 4 Release Party in Hamburg

Is the Swedish tradition of throwing “used” Christmas trees out of the window on a certain day a real one? That’s what a commercial of the furniture store IKEA wants us to believe at least. I don’t know which day would have been the right one but it was fun either way. Graceful glide from […]